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Our Mandate is to offer simple, innovative, affordable and workable Solutions for day-to-day needs of every business, individual in any part of the world.

 Harward has mainly three diversified divisions which hire experts to address the issues of day-today's management of every area of business and individual needs.  Harward has the capability to workout following tailor made solutions through these divisions: 

  •         Corporate Education and Training

  •         Curriculum Development for Educational Institutions

  •         Digital Record Keeping

  •         Web Designing / Development

  •         Software Development and Testing

  •         HR and Back Office Services

  •         Accounting and Tax Services

  •         Paralegal / Immigration Services

  •         Film and TV Productions for Corporate world

  •         Direct Marketing Services

  •         Desktop Publishing

  •         Home care and Nursing Services

  •         All the help for New Entrepreneurs in Canada

  •         Business Incubation Services

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