All our Consultants are licensed and members of either Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or Provincial Law Society

Harward Group's IT Services Division moved to Montreal, Quebec as a separate entity and  is being developed/operated as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) with Head Office in USA.

Harward International is a Canadian group with regulated / licensed professionals to offer the following services to


  • International Students: Immigration and Legal Services, Advising and Counseling . Employment / Placements on graduation within Harward Projects or with its client companies.

  • Businesswomen / Men / Self Employed / Investors: Business Immigration to Canada

  • Educational Institutions: Global Promotion, Development, Student Recruitment

  • International Students: Abroad Education, Advising, Counseling, Employment


Our mandate is to provide ONE STOP place for those who wants to make CANADA as their home.  We work with our strategic business and non-business partners depending upon the service/s as aspirant requires and arrange to get the things done for them from ONE ROOF ….. saving them lot of time, money and hassles.