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Knowledge Note Today

Squirrel is a high level imperativeobject-oriented programming language, designed to be a lightweight scripting language that fits in the size, memory bandwidth, and real-time requirements of applications like video games.

Harward International in Toronto operating as Harward Technologies is all about providing end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to different industry verticals.


Product lifecycle management (PLM) has become an essential factor in accelerating product deliveries, reducing costs, and generating more revenues. Manufacturing, aerospace, medical, consumer goods, are some industries which can reap maximum benefits by adopting robust PLM processes in its information management systems.

At Harward Technologies, we provide diversified end-to-end IT solutions, with expertise in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM). Keeping in mind the unique product development need of each industry segment, we offer robust PLM application development, maintenance and support, also helping businesses with process/application migration and version upgrades.

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