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 Harward Technologies-Software Development / Testing

Harward Business Incubation Services

Harward Legal, Tax and Accounting Services

Harward Technologies division provides diversified end-to-end IT solutions. We

offer a wide range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-

invent their businesses to gain competitive edge in an ever-ending as well as

ever-changing marketplace.

We can undertake Business Analysis and Software Testing Projects from small to

large scale. We have resources and expertise to provide onsite services at

client locations and coordinate offshore projects.

Since its formation (Prior to the merger of different divisions of Harward in 2014), Harward International is providing various corporate tax consulting and legal advisory to the many important domestic and foreign companies with a team of top quality lawyers, Tax consultants and auditors under independence and integrity standards.  Our Servcies include: International Taxation, Tax Compliance (Tax Returns and Audits), Book and Record Keeping and Corporate Counselling.

Imagine this .....

You are starting a new business .....

You need a simple business plan that works rather a plan with tons of pages, fancy graphs and complicated solutions that are far from reality.

You are looking for an office space where you can sit and plan your business ....

You are looking for a place where your can discuss your plans and problems with professionals for a FREE advise ... ( It is TRUE ... it is FREE)

Then do not look further.

Harward is here to HELP youto provide services under our "Let us build

Canada" initiative.

Harward Global Relocation Services 
Harward Training Services for Permanent Residents

Harward Global Relocation unit provides many services for Canadian and US

employers to relocate their empoyess to and from North America. This unit

coordinates among employers, employees, governments and provides A to Z services

under one roof. Our hassle free services include consulting, documentation,

legal, immigration, tax matters, settlement services etc.

How will you prepare for your career of choice or transition into a new line of


Harward has experts who can help to you to change from your less rewarding job

to a better career by using your existing hidden talent/skills and train you for

new skills.

Harward works with reputed career colleges all over the canada and can help you

where a formal certificate / diploma is required or recommended to make changes

happen in your life.

Harward Job Placement

Apart from giving advise and intensive training, Harward also offers

professional job Placement services mainly for new immigrants.

Services include Resume Preparation, Interview Training, Job Search Techniques,

Self Marketing Techniques, Presentation, Communication skills and helping with



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